Online Football / Soccer ScoreBoard

Online scoreboard to monitor football matches, the most popular sport in the World. Americans know this game as soccer.

outdated scoreboard display Replace outdated LED panels with a projected board

The example below demonstrates the possibilities and customizability of the score counter. At the end of the game you can save and share the results with a web link.

home vs visitors results

Pick a template in the menu or design your own panel in the settings!

Open the settings ot set up and style the Score Counter. Adjust it to almost any sport, set up your favorite color scheme and team logos. Try the demos in the menu to get started and try to create and save your own template!

Use it for:

  • Sport scoreboard sharing your screen or using a projector
  • Share the results of the monitored game with a weblink
  • Stopwatch or counter hiding all the unnecessary panels
  • Real-time broadcast coming soon

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