The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) governs ice and roller in-line hockey competitions worldwide, including the Olympic games and World Championships, having 76 member states. Similar to field hockey, the ice hockey scoreboards display penalties. Beside the usual score counter and timer there's a shot and period counter too. The length of a period is 20 minutes.

IIHF vs NHL rules

There are many differences between the NHL and IIHF rulebooks, the latter being more strict in some aspects. Some of the differences are insignificant for example the length of the stick is limited to 160 cm in the NHL while it can be 5 cm longer according to IIHL. The NHL rinks are smaller, there are different icing, goalie interference, shootout rules and IIHF is more strict about fighting and head shot. The good news is that they can both use the same scoreboard.

Online Ice Hockey ScoreBoard

ice hockey scoreboard

Jumbotron in Vákár Lajos Ice Rink

This score counter can be configured to almost any sport and game. Open the settings to set up and style your own. Try the demos in the menu to get started and try to create and save your own template!

Use this online scoreboard with a projector or with a shared big screen to display the score in your ice rink. Share the results with a web link at the end of the game.

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