How to use the Race Timer?

Click the clock or press the Space key to start counting, then click the racers one by one as they cross the finish line. The program will save their times and rank them with the fastest first.

This works best for marathons when the competitors are far from each other thus their times can be recorded easily, otherwise the results can be hidden or edited manually. Switch to the simple timer if you think that would work best for you.

Edit the race title and the names of the participants as normal input fields. Open the settings to add up to 10 participants to your race and design the styles.


The online score board is now running in Lap Timer mode. This race timer can be customized in many ways clicking the gear icon in the menu. Add or remove panels and adjust the design as you wish.

Experiment with the options: add more racers, adjust how to display the times, set the font style, the colors, images and the layout of the panels.

Open the settings How 2 use?

Close intro

online race timer