Online Rugby ScoreBoard

Rugby union scoreboards are among the most simple because they usually contain very little information. Just the score counter and the timer. The International World Rugby Federation governs and sets the rules of the game.

More detailed score counters display the tries, penalties, field goals, conversions and total points of each team separately.

Use this online scoreboard with a projector or with a shared big screen to display the score. Share the results with a web link at the end of the game.

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Basic rugby union rules

A rugby match has two periods of 40 minutes and the referee stops the clock for interruptions. There's a 10-minute break between the two halves, after which the teams change ends. Extra time is applied only if it's a knockout competition.

There are many ways to score points:

  • A conversion - 2 points are awarded for a successful kick through the goalposts after a try
  • A goal kick - 2 points for a penalty kick or drop goal through the posts
  • A try - 5 points are added for touching the ball down in your opponent's goal area.

Open the settings to adjust the style of the scoreboard.