Online Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) Score Board

table tennis score counter onlineFully customizable online table tennis scoreboard. Adjust the settings below to apply custom score counting rules and decide what to show and what to hide on your ping-pong Score Count. Use it with the tournament diagram generator to govern a championship.


First set the names of the players/teams editing the captions above the counters. Click a score to incease its value. The serve rotation will be alternating and the set counter will increase automatically when someone wins a set.

The settings below allow you to reset the score to start a new game and to hide certain parts of the board. Pick a theme: default, light or dark. The next row lists the keyboard commands. The points of a player can be increased with the Z and X buttons. Click round the pencil icon to adjust the point and set counters as regular input fields.

The rules of the game can be also adjusted below. By default a set is won by whoever reaches 11 points with at lease 2 points difference. The game is won by the best of 5 sets or the one who wins 3 sets. The serve rotation is after every two points and it's alternating after deuce.

The game can be easily set to the 21-point scoring system with an increased serve rotation of 5 points, like how it has been official before 2000.

Theme: Default Light Dark      Team colors:
Reset scores Show title Show names Show sets Mark serve Show previous sets
Keyboard commands: Z home scores, X visitor scores, Esc toggle settings
Set:  points, with at least 2 points ahead. Match: best of sets (3 wins by one player). Serve rotation after serves. Alternating after deuce.
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