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Online Tennis ScoreBoard

tennis score counter onlineTennis scoring might be confusing sometimes but this free online and customizable tennis scoreboard will help you keep the score easily.

Customize the game in the settings, adjust the colors, set who serves first and you're ready to start. Click the score next to the player that wins a point to count automatically. It will track everyting, except when the players need to swap sides.

Settings and tennis rules

Unlike other sports tennis points are counted in game, set and match points. Game score goes like "Love" (0), 15, 30 then 40. 40-40 is called Deuce and in this case they play on advantage.
Set score goes up to 6 with at least a 2 point advantage. At 6-6 they play a "tie break", a set that is counted normally as 1-2-3, not 15-30-40. Tie break is won by the player who reaches 7 with at least 2 difference, so this can go on for quite a long time. The serve is changed after every second point.
Match points are counted on the left row or sometimes they display the result of the previous sets. You can set this scoreboard to do so. A match is won by the player that is the best of 3 or 5 sets.

These were the rules of the tennis in a nutshell. Go on and experiment with the settings and don't forget to track your game with this free online scoreboard when you play tennis the next time!

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