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Online Volleyball ScoreBoard

volleyball score counter onlineUse this customizable online volleyball scoreboard to track volley matches. Adjust the settings for regular volley, beach volley or foot volley. Apply custom score counting rules and decide what to show and what to hide on your score board.

Settings and volleyball rules

The settings are docked in a closable window at the bottom of the page. It allows to change the look of the website, change the team colors, reset the score and to hide certain parts of the scoreboard: title, timer, team names, timeout and set counters, results of previous sets and the serve mark.

A clock is used to measure warm-up time, timeout, injury timeout and breaks. The countdown stopwatch above the score counter can be started and stopped with the Space bar. The initial time can be set with the assigned buttons and the timer can also be edited just like a regular input field when it's not running.

Click the counter or use the Z/X buttons on your keyboard when a team wins a ball to increase the score. This sets the counter, shifts the serve to the winning team and evaluates the updated score. The scoreboard automatically increases the sets if necessary.

Regular volleyball, beach volley, foot volley and other variants have different scoring rules. While a set is normally up to 25 points and a match is up to 5 sets, in beach volley they count up to 21 and the team that wins two sets wins the match.

Theme: Default Light Dark      Team colors:
Reset scores Show title Show timer Show timeouts Show team names Show sets Mark serve Show previous sets
Timer: Start     Set minutes: 1/2 1 2 3 5 6 10     Zoom: Ctrl +/-
Keyboard commands: Space timer, Z home scores, X visitor scores, Esc settings
Match: best of sets (3 wins by one team).
Set: until points ( in decisive set), with at least 2 points ahead.
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